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How to create an NPC guard (Bouncer) in Minecraft

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This tutorial will show you how to properly create a guard in Minecraft.First of all, I've taken a few things into consideration while writing this tutorial.  It is assumed that you already:

  1. Have your own Minecraft server running using the Bukkit server (
  2. You understand how Bukkit plugins work and have properly installed the Citizens 1.2 plugin (  Yes, I know that Citizens 2.0 is out, but as of the time of this writing it is currently in BETA and doesn't support all of the options 1.2 does yet.
  3. You have the privileges to execute Citizens commands either thru giving yourself OP privileges, or thru the appropriate permissions plugin.


Now we will go thru the steps needed to create our guard.


1. Create the NPC, for this example we will just call him 'Personal Guard'.

/npc create Personal/Guard

NOTE: The / in the name signifies that we want a space in-between the words Personal and Guard.


2. Now we need to tell Citizens we want him to be a guard.

(First, right click on your NPC)

/toggle guard


3. Now we need to specify what type of guard we want him to be.  There are essentially three types of guards.

  1. Bouncers.  Bouncers are primarily area protection guards.  They typically stand still or follow a predefined set of waypoints protecting a certain configurable radius against specified enemies.  When an enemy is defeated, they return to their base point.
  2. Bodyguards.  Bodyguards are for personal protection.  They follow you around, protecting you as necessary from enemies within a certain configurable radius.
  3. Soldiers.  Soldiers are essentially commandable guards.  Players can select soldiers they own and command them to attack other players, mobs, and even to move blocks.

For this tutorial, we are creating a Bouncer.

/guard bouncer


4. Now we need to tell our bouncer what size radius we want him to protect.  We actually don't NEED to do this, they come with reasonable defaults, but you can specify your own radius if you wish.

/guard radius 5


5. Now we need to specify who our enemies are.


/guard addflag 1 -m creeper

/guard addflag 2 -m skeleton

/guard addflag 3 -m spider

/guard addflag 4 -m zombie

(You can repeat this command for each mob you wish to add.  The 1, 2, 3, 4 specified above is priority levels to tell your guard who to attack first).


6. Now we need to outfit our guard with the appropriate weapons and armor.


/give <your name> 276 (Diamond Sword)

/give <your name> 310 (Diamond Helmet)

/give <your name> 311 (Diamond Chestpiece)

/give <your name> 312 (Diamond Leggings)

/give <your name> 313 (Diamond Boots)


b. Put the items you wish to give your guard on your item bar.


c. Let's give some items to your guard.  We need to enter equip mode to do this.

/npc equip


d. Select an item, then right click on your guard.  This will give your guard that item.  Repeat as necessary out the guard is fully outfitted.

NOTE:  Right clicking on a guard when you have an empty spot selected will return everything you've given the guard back to your inventory.


e. When done, we need to exit equip mode

/npc equip


7. Finally, we need to make our guard aggressive.

/guard aggro


And now, if everything went as planned, you should have a fully functioning guard!  Yeah!


If you wish to move your guard to a new location:

1. Select your guard by right clicking on him

2. Go to where you wish your guard to be standing

3. Type:

/npc move


If you wish to have your guard patrol a certain area, you can add waypoints as follows:

1. Select your guard by right clicking on him

2. Type:

/npc waypoints (to let your NPC know you are going to start selection waypoints).

(Left click the various places you wish your NPC to walk to.  The blocks must not be further than 16 blocks apart).

/npc waypoints  (to let your NPC know you are done selecting waypoints).


Hope this helps!

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